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pianobi  is pleased to present the second artist in residence


ANNA TUCCIO / pianobi residence #2

from 18 September to 16 October 2023





3 october 6pm-9pm
via dei ciceri 99 / Rome

until October 15th

in collaboration with
Institut français Italie 
Ambassade de France en Italie


Anna Tuccio (1999 - Montmorency région parisienne) is a young French visual artist in residence from 18 September to 16 October as part of the Nouveau Grand Tour project, in collaboration with the Institut français Italie and the Ambassade de France en Italie, aimed at young European talents under the age of thirty. The project was born from the desire to inaugurate a contemporary form of the eighteenth-century tradition of the Grand Tour, which allowed young people in Europe to travel from city to city to discover the artistic heritage, offering selected young artists the opportunity to be accompanied in their creative process, without production constraints, and in doing so to come into contact with different local cultural actors.
During her residency, Anna Tuccio will continue her research and artistic practice which sees painting and writing as protagonists. For the artist it is a matter of tackling serious political themes, raising pictorial questions of space, editing, colours, relationships between text and image. Her artistic practice reflects her vision of the world, always critical and questioning, driven by the desire to raise public awareness of contemporary issues.

During her month of residency, the young artist painted, experimenting and discovering new techniques, visited places, met people and opened her studio to many people who accepted our invitation and above all her talent. I would like to thank Anna, her painting and his writing that nourishes the mind and body.
Anna Tuccio graduated in 2022 from the high school of arts and media (ESAM) in Caen (Normandy) where she lives and works.

Anna Tuccio
artiste plasticienne


Open studio

Open studio

Open studio

Open studio

Anna Tuccio in residenza, con Isabella Vitale 

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