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pianobi is happy to present its second outdoor project 


pianobi outdoor project #2


curated by Isabella Vitale


Tuesday 19 December, 6pm – 9pm 

Via dei Ciceri 97-99 Rome

Visitable by appointment from 20 December 2023 to 30 January 2024 by contacting: / @pianobi_artecontemporanea


From 19 December to 30 January, the works created last 8 May inside the magnificent Palazzo Farnese, home of the French Embassy in Rome, will be exhibited to show the result of the second outdoor pianobi project in collaboration with the of France Embassy and Igers Rome.

As an art historian, curator and founder of pianobi, the French Embassy invited me to develop and curate the event that took place inside Palazzo Farnese, exclusively for a group of influencers in the field. of the EmpyFarnese project#.

For this event I asked the artists Mattia Abballe, Paolo Assenza, Luca Grechi, LU.PA, Elena Nonnis, Valentina Palazzari, Leonardo Petrucci and Elene Usdin to dialogue with the history of the building through artistic performances which would then result in final works, today shown for the first time together with the video.

Before the event, two inspections were carried out with the artists during which I presented them with the history and works kept inside the building, with explanations and targeted suggestions to draw inspiration from them. After several consultations with each of the artists, all the artists found the ideal way to interact with the building by adopting a specific approach and theme for each of the performances, maintaining a line consistent with their research and artistic practice. Here are some shots of the inspection at Palazzo Farnese and we are waiting for you at pianobi to view the works and the video!


credit photo Giulio Pugliese

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